Technical Advantage
Our technical advantage

● Breakthroughs the application of photocatalysts in domestic and abroad markey for many years

The non-direct contact method is used to load the nano photocatalyst on the organic carrier, keeping high activity while avoiding the organic carrier being photo-etched. It solves the difficulty of application of photocatalysts in domestic and abroad markets for many years. It was identified by the Ministry of Education's scientific and technical review workstation as GN.01. This technology was created for the first time in the world.

● Traditional photocatalytic "2D catalysis" to "3D catalysis" transformation

The advanced structure of photocatalyst increases its activity by 10 times than that of commercial P25. The degradation efficiency level leads the world . Using the dynamic and flexible 3D organic material as a carrier, the concept of “body catalysis” is proposed to increase the overall catalytic capacity by 100,000 times. Cleverly solved the problem of nano photocatalyst recycling, the high recycling rate of the catalyst has greatly saved the cost of pollution control.

● Pollution Control with Solar Power 

To propose a new concept of green high-tech pollution control: the use of green materials,  solar energy, green technology, production and use process to achieve zero pollution , low cost, high efficiency . The products are tough, corrosion-resistant and can be recycled repeatedly. The service life is long and there is no secondary pollution problem.

● Complete and thorough final pollution treatment program

Combining the advantages of three traditional water treatment methods: physical, chemical, and microbiological, we establish a self-cleaning water ecological balance system and  treat water fundamentally. The photo-microorganism synergistic system is adopted to form a complete and thorough sewage treatment system and restore the self-cleaning ability of the water body.

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