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Since its establishment, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of “scientific and technological innovation and improving the environment”. The R&D center is dedicated to the field of photocatalytic application research. It has solved the bottleneck of the international photocatalyst promotion and application and achieved the independent research and development of the “cage bird” core and shell structure,which is a major technological breakthrough in the industry with a total of more than 10 national invention patents. We have become a benchmark enterprise for domestic photocatalytic environmental pollution control. The company's current business involves various areas such as comprehensive improvenment system of environmental pollution, R&D and manufacturing of environmental protection products, and operation services etc...


1)Photocatalytic/Microbiological Water Ecological Restoration Comprehensive System

U.KING Technology, through a sustainable self-cleaning photocatalytic wastewater purification system, provides large-scale water ecological restoration and maintenance services for polluted rivers. It is the first company in domestic and abroad to break through the bottleneck of the application of photocatalytic technology and efficiently apply it to large-scale water purification companies. We won the First Prize of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province and the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of China National Textile and  were highly recognized and evaluated by the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province for this technology. At the same time, We received key and continuous tracking reports from various media and television stations.


2Photocatalytic formaldehyde removal air purification system

U.KING Technology independently researches, develops, operates and sells various types of home smart environmental protection and air purification products, and uses the core technology of
photocatalytic air purification (that is, generates free radicals with strong oxidizing power under the light, and causes organic pollution such as formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC  rapidly
oxidized and decomposed  into stable and harmless water and carbon dioxide to achieve the effects of purifying air, bactericidal and odor-removing technologies). It independently researches and develops photocatalytic products such as formaldehyde air purification meshwork blankets/cotton blankets and loads large amounts of core-shell particles. Photocatalytic particles can quickly and effectively degrade formaldehyde, toluene and other organic pollutants. The products can get rid of indoor air pollution from the source, and U.KING is the only designated air purification brand for the first World Industrial Design Conference. According to the Guangdong Province Microbial Analysis and Testing Center, the formaldehyde removal rate is over 90%.


3)Antibacterial  system

U.KING Technology applies the core technology of photocatalytic air purification to produce high-tech protective products such as baby products, antibacterial multifunctional textiles, etc.,which effectively inhibits bacterial regeneration and protects the health of the whole family. The products have passed the detection of National Textile Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center and The antibacteria rate has reached more than 90%.











Brand promotion

With U.KING technology, the nano-photocatalyst is loaded on the organic carrier in a non-direct contact method, and high activity is maintained while the organic carrier is prevented from being corroded by light. The loaded organic carrier not only has superior antibacterial function, but also has a good function of removing formaldehyde and organic pollutants, and is safe and harmless without secondary pollution. The nano-photocatalyst can be well combined with various materials and textile raw materials, and can be widely used in automotive interiors, home textiles, baby products etc.

Environmental purification

Hangzhou U.KING created a photocatalytic purification system with independent intellectual property rights to provide large-scale water ecological restoration/maintenance services for industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, polluted rivers, etc., and provides indoor air purification services for various large-scale venues.