HangZhou U.KING ENVIRO-TECH Co.,Ltd was established in April 2015 with a registered capital of 5 million. It's a key recommended project in Hangzhou Future-SciTech city (HaiChuang Park), cultivated enterprise of Hangzhou "Blue Project",Zhejiang Science And Technology SMEs,the vice president unit of China Institute of photoreceptor photocatalysis Specialized Committee and national standard drafting unit of photocatalytic fiber products for water pollution control, Top 50 energy conservation and environmental protection companies in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,the fifth place in Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Group of Zhejiang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Hangzhou High-level Talent Introduction Enterprise.
        Hangzhou Tongjing provides key materials and technologies for photocatalytic air purification/water purification products, and provides large-scale water ecological restoration/maintenance services for industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, and polluted river channels through a sustainable self-cleaning photocatalytic wastewater purification system. Undertake the maintenance work of the early water pollution control of the target water area, the restoration of the mid-term water ecosystem, the emergency treatment of sudden water pollution in the later period, and the maintenance of the long-term water ecosystem.

        Hangzhou U.KING solved the bottleneck of international photocatalyst promotion and application for many years with the independent research and development of "Cage Bird" core-shell structure, and achieved a major technological breakthrough in the industry. As pioneers, we started  the "sunlight" to control the pollution of large-scale waters, and successfully achieved the industrialization and application of nanoscale nuclear-shell structure photocatalytic particles with independent intellectual property rights in Zhejiang Province. "The Five Waters treatment" in the project will show its skill and become a typical representative of high-tech water management. As the first domestic company to apply the bottleneck of photocatalytic technology to efficiently apply large-scale water purification solutions to the large waters, the Zhejiang Daily reported on the team's progress through the “The Tech-Power in Five Water Traeament -  Which Channel Gets Clear”. In the past 10 years of exploration, the photocatalysis technology has been successfully applied to the wastewater treatment of Ningbo Tongwang River. The National Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province highly evaluated this safe and efficient photocatalytic water ecological comprehensive restoration technology that completely subvert industry's technology and ideas of the traditional river channel pollution treatment with major innovations and breakthroughs. The project-related achievements have been granted 15 national invention patents, which have solid research foundation, strong promotion value and sustainable development. So far, the project has been jointly funded by 5 programs of the National Natural Science Foundation, the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, the Public Welfare Project of Zhejiang Province, the Key Innovation Team of Zhejiang Province, and Qianjiang Talents Program; We won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, the first prize of scientific and technological progress of China Textile Industry Association, the third prize of Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award, and the “Eleventh Five-Year” Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Fund Excellent Project and Excellent Paper Award.
        Hangzhou U.KING subverts the entire industry's competitive landscape with a new concept of water pollution management and a complete water pollution treatment solution. With sustainable R&D strength, experienced management team, excellent business model, mature marketing network, clear strategic positioning, and a bigger and stronger executable plan, we strive to grow into a leader of the new water treatment industry within five years.